So time for something out from the norm. It’s time for another of my movie opinions! This time, it will be Frozen. I will try to avoid spoilers, but no promises.

Frozen is a disney computer animated movie based on The Snow Queen, though loosely based. The main character, Anna, is the younger sister of Elsa . Elsa well I’ll just call her Snow Queen due to her ice powers, but she’s not completely meant to be that Snow Queen. In simplest/non-spoilering terms story is about their struggles dealing with Elsa’s snow powers.

The characters are all great with wonderful voice acting. And I will say I did not see the twist coming. It does actually make the resolution of the story slighty easier, though. And that’s about as much as I’ll say on that. The story constantly remains fun with things to see while still being grounded by the characters.

A lot of effort probably went into the snow and ice effects. They look magnificent. Snow scatters, ice will reflect light, and it’s all wonderfully magical. Disney never fails to bring the razzle and the dazzle. Snow always has the potential to look magical, but they really brought up that feeling much more.

This time, they also brought the music. There are a lot of songs in this movie. Almost every major character gets a song or duet. Some of the songs are put there just for the sake of having songs. What I mean is that it doesn’t progress the plot much. All the songs are definitely great. My favorite would have to be “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel. They hired a lot of songsters to voice the characters, and it shows through on the marvelousness of their songs.

The movie is both heartwarming and funny. No pun intended, but it gave me chills, too. The characters have a lot of feeling and warmth. Even the comedy relief gets his moment. You just want them to be happy. Well, I suppose that’s true of most main characters, but it applies extra here. Their struggles are presented in a powerful manner.

I will sum up by saying that the movie is adorable, great and completely worth watching.


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