Design notes – Dizaks 2

First off, I want to say that I updated two of the previous blogs. For the Characters – Other, one, I changed it to Characters – Sorcnon People. It now includes Master Lio and Bahri. Read it here. The second change was to the world. I added a bit more in the Sorcnon Section, mostly a bit about why the cities are so packed and the status of race inside Sorcnon. Read it here.

Now, here are some more background notes on dizaks.


Angkrabs are the first dizak I designed to be as monstrous and menacing as possible. They’re a landwalking crab and angler fish mix. They have both internal and external magic. The external magic is a limited form of moving thing with their mind. It’s mostly used on the fishing hook growth on their back.

Their exoskeleton is extremely tough, though it doesn’t seem that way against the magic that Hallas used. Angkrabs have that ‘an’ sound that I put throughout Sorcnon. I was trying to invoke that same dark feeling. They are among the most dangerous of dizaks that can be safely contained.

Angkrabs live by the coast, though they prefer to hunt on land. They don’t have to walk side to side, they are capable of forwards and backwards movement.


A slish is a small, fishlike creature with fins that can act as legs. They are an external magic type, with their magic allowing them to dash at high speeds. At the end of the dash, all of the energy dissipates violently. This is more useful on land, than on water. They’ll usually wait right underneath the surface of the water until a prey comes by, then they’ll jump out, dash at them and seriously injure the target.

Slish live in ponds, rivers and other freshwater places. Though they’re small, they are also really difficult to catch just because of their speed. So the trainers showing off the slish are either skilled or bought it from skilled trappers.

I came up with the slish as I got to that point. It was there to flesh out the coliseum a bit more. The powder used to control where the slish can go is a mixture of gunpowder and corpse ash. Well, I just made that part up now.


I had a really tough time naming this dizak. It looks like a lion but has eight spider legs growing out of it. It actually moved more like a spider. I sort of wanted to balance the names between the obvious such as Tetrafrog and the name-like ones. Since its opponent already had a meaningful name, I came up with something else for the gibbler.

Gibblers live in the forest or the jungle. They are agile and can climb up trees in the blink of an eye. Gibblers will hop from tree to tree while tracking prey. They tend to go after unwary prey. If they are noticed, the gibblers will back off unless it is really hungry.

Next time, I’ll be doing more characters from Railpane, the Sorcnon military and Dharuta.

And quick Nanowrimo update – It’s going well!


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