Design Notes – Shining Sun Order

First off, Nanowrimo is still going well at the moment. If you want to read it, I have links up here. Having gotten the want from the Wizard of Oz, it’s a story about a girl that gets transported to a magical world, one that I’m mostly making up as I go.

Now then, lets move on to my thoughts on the Shining Sun Order.

They were not immediately thought up, though they did come early on in the story, as I needed an antagonist. Since I already made Sorcnon seem like the kind of place an evil empire would be, I had to make them more ruthless. Because they would seem like the rebels, normally, the ones trying to bring down tyrants. That’s why I made them take a hardline stance against all dizak influence, so they would not try to be nice to Selaf.

Lathin and Lithrae, originally, they weren’t brothers, but I made the change so Lathin would have a bigger motivation for hating Selaf. I never mentioned it, but the glasses Lithrae wore was a magic tool that allowed him to see Sophy up in that tree, that’s how he was able to shoot at her.

Lathin was pretty much going to be the guy that was to be defeated in the book, the one that has a more angry connection to Selaf.

For Hethyr, I wanted to make him more of a professional. He does things because he truly believes they’ll help the world. It just gets pretty extreme as that is the method of the Shining Sun Order. He’s kind and caring towards his allies and ruthless towards enemies. He’s not meant to appear as a bad guy, despite being the antagonist. Then again, he is also a terrorist, just a polite one.

Unnamed wizard. I totally should have given him a name. I don’t know why I didn’t, and it makes it increasingly hard to refer to him. As of book one, he seems more like a solution. If the Shining Sun Order needs something done, he’s the one to do it. He is going to get some more characterization, though for now, he’s simply the able assistant.

Agent, the Shining Sun Order has all sorts of agents in the city, among companies. It’s how they get their information to plan. This agent pretty much stayed the same as how I envisioned them, smiling on the outside, dangerous on the inside. I don’t have much fo say on the agent, in particular.

The name of the group, Shining Sun Order. Someone once suggest Order of the Shining Sun, which does seem to sound better. I think I kept the Shining Sun Order because it was shorter, and the ‘of the’ part seems to be everywhere, even in the title of the book. Guess I didn’t want another one.

Hmm, next time, I think I’ll talk about the dizak designs and give some information on them that aren’t in the book or was just mentioned briefly.


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