Design notes – Dizaks 2

First off, I want to say that I updated two of the previous blogs. For the Characters – Other, one, I changed it to Characters – Sorcnon People. It now includes Master Lio and Bahri. Read it here. The second change was to the world. I added a bit more in the Sorcnon Section, mostly a bit about why the cities are so packed and the status of race inside Sorcnon. Read it here.

Now, here are some more background notes on dizaks.


Angkrabs are the first dizak I designed to be as monstrous and menacing as possible. They’re a landwalking crab and angler fish mix. They have both internal and external magic. The external magic is a limited form of moving thing with their mind. It’s mostly used on the fishing hook growth on their back.

Their exoskeleton is extremely tough, though it doesn’t seem that way against the magic that Hallas used. Angkrabs have that ‘an’ sound that I put throughout Sorcnon. I was trying to invoke that same dark feeling. They are among the most dangerous of dizaks that can be safely contained.

Angkrabs live by the coast, though they prefer to hunt on land. They don’t have to walk side to side, they are capable of forwards and backwards movement.


A slish is a small, fishlike creature with fins that can act as legs. They are an external magic type, with their magic allowing them to dash at high speeds. At the end of the dash, all of the energy dissipates violently. This is more useful on land, than on water. They’ll usually wait right underneath the surface of the water until a prey comes by, then they’ll jump out, dash at them and seriously injure the target.

Slish live in ponds, rivers and other freshwater places. Though they’re small, they are also really difficult to catch just because of their speed. So the trainers showing off the slish are either skilled or bought it from skilled trappers.

I came up with the slish as I got to that point. It was there to flesh out the coliseum a bit more. The powder used to control where the slish can go is a mixture of gunpowder and corpse ash. Well, I just made that part up now.


I had a really tough time naming this dizak. It looks like a lion but has eight spider legs growing out of it. It actually moved more like a spider. I sort of wanted to balance the names between the obvious such as Tetrafrog and the name-like ones. Since its opponent already had a meaningful name, I came up with something else for the gibbler.

Gibblers live in the forest or the jungle. They are agile and can climb up trees in the blink of an eye. Gibblers will hop from tree to tree while tracking prey. They tend to go after unwary prey. If they are noticed, the gibblers will back off unless it is really hungry.

Next time, I’ll be doing more characters from Railpane, the Sorcnon military and Dharuta.

And quick Nanowrimo update – It’s going well!

Design Notes – Dizaks

Time for some dizaks.

Coming up with a name for them was pretty tough for me. I wanted something threatening, cool, yet not overly to the point where it sounds ridiculous. How well I succeeded with dizaks? Well, guess that’s for you to decide. I also was playing The Last Story on the Wii, which had Guraks. I, for some reason, really like the rhyming phrase Gurak attack, so I wanted something that rhymed with attack. I think I rarely used the phrase dizak attack, though.

The next part of their name comes from me randomly sinking about other RPG bosses. Now I know it’s a real mythological figure, but I thought of the term Azi Dahaka from one of the Final Fantasies. Rearrange some sounds and that’s how I got to the name Dizak.

Most dizaks are carnivores, some of them are omnivores, but all of them prefer meat if they can get it.

I guess I’ll go over them in the approximate order they appeared or the order they appear in my notes.

Lukrolds were the second or so dizak I designed. They are an internal type, with magic making their bodies stronger and faster. I wanted them to be a wolf-type of creature, only a lot more monstrous.

They tend to live in wide open spaces where they hunt by chasing and surrouding prey. They are pack creatures that hunt in a team, though when in times of low food, they’ll eat each other. It is a self-destructive thing as they’ll no longer have enough numbers to hunt. Overall, they are pretty weak.

I used them as Selaf’s opponent later on because I never had her go into the arena to fight them.

Cavern Crawlers are also an internal magic type. They look like lizards with long tails. The tails have pain-causing spines. I designed the tail much earlier and based everything else around that and the name.

Based on the name, they do like dark places, primarily caves and caverns. They’ll crawl through the ceilings and lash out at anything down below. Once their prey is in pain, they’ll jump down and wrestle the prey down.

Their tails aren’t magic, just the case of them being vicious hunters. If the spines aren’t taken out, they’ll slowly travel through the body, causing intense pain all the way through. The smaller needles on the spines are almost invisible to the naked eye and can pierce through most clothes. They constantly grow new spines on their tail throughout their lives.

As Dess Mióne showed, though, you can take the spines out and use them in weapons. It’s a careful process. Dess Mióne, leather is made from cavern crawler skin. That’s how she can safely hold it without trouble.

Tetra Frogs are an external magic type though no one knows that because they don’t seem to use anything. They are giant frogs that have four eyes. Tetra means four, referring to the amount of eyes they have. Yep, very impressinve coming-up-with-names skill there.

They have almost 360 degree field of vision and their eyes are full of magic. They can see life energy, allowing them to track even the smallest of prey in the darkest of places, though they usually don’t. Tetra Frogs prefer to hunt with their long tongue, snapping it out and back at lightning speeds.

They live mostly in woodlands area with a river or pond running through it.

More dizaks next time!

Design Notes – Shining Sun Order

First off, Nanowrimo is still going well at the moment. If you want to read it, I have links up here. Having gotten the want from the Wizard of Oz, it’s a story about a girl that gets transported to a magical world, one that I’m mostly making up as I go.

Now then, lets move on to my thoughts on the Shining Sun Order.

They were not immediately thought up, though they did come early on in the story, as I needed an antagonist. Since I already made Sorcnon seem like the kind of place an evil empire would be, I had to make them more ruthless. Because they would seem like the rebels, normally, the ones trying to bring down tyrants. That’s why I made them take a hardline stance against all dizak influence, so they would not try to be nice to Selaf.

Lathin and Lithrae, originally, they weren’t brothers, but I made the change so Lathin would have a bigger motivation for hating Selaf. I never mentioned it, but the glasses Lithrae wore was a magic tool that allowed him to see Sophy up in that tree, that’s how he was able to shoot at her.

Lathin was pretty much going to be the guy that was to be defeated in the book, the one that has a more angry connection to Selaf.

For Hethyr, I wanted to make him more of a professional. He does things because he truly believes they’ll help the world. It just gets pretty extreme as that is the method of the Shining Sun Order. He’s kind and caring towards his allies and ruthless towards enemies. He’s not meant to appear as a bad guy, despite being the antagonist. Then again, he is also a terrorist, just a polite one.

Unnamed wizard. I totally should have given him a name. I don’t know why I didn’t, and it makes it increasingly hard to refer to him. As of book one, he seems more like a solution. If the Shining Sun Order needs something done, he’s the one to do it. He is going to get some more characterization, though for now, he’s simply the able assistant.

Agent, the Shining Sun Order has all sorts of agents in the city, among companies. It’s how they get their information to plan. This agent pretty much stayed the same as how I envisioned them, smiling on the outside, dangerous on the inside. I don’t have much fo say on the agent, in particular.

The name of the group, Shining Sun Order. Someone once suggest Order of the Shining Sun, which does seem to sound better. I think I kept the Shining Sun Order because it was shorter, and the ‘of the’ part seems to be everywhere, even in the title of the book. Guess I didn’t want another one.

Hmm, next time, I think I’ll talk about the dizak designs and give some information on them that aren’t in the book or was just mentioned briefly.


Well, Nanowrimo has been going on for a few days now, and I think I’m on schedule so far. You can get links at the bottom of this post.

For Nanowrimo, most people suggest a plan, make outlines and stuff like that. I decided to just have a general idea and not plan at all. The reason being that if I wanted to go through all the proper planning phases, I would just do normal writing. I want to use Nanowrimo as sort of a panic write, just get it out there type of thing. That’s why I chose the most recent idea that came to me.

In general, I don’t plan out as much anyway. I have a end goal and a beginning. Everything else I make up either as I’m writing it, or as I’m writing something else. Nanowrimo is just that but super condensed.

The idea I had was a girl getting transported into a magical world. Now, I had the idea since I recently saw Oz The Great and Powerful. Then I read the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz book. Yep, that’s where I got the desire to do my own magical world version thing.

I think this will give me a chance to just make a fun world without thinking too much on the logic of it. If it happens, then the answer will be: Magic.

Feel free to read the story. I’ve provided links down below. I would suggest gdocs since it’s more up to date. Please feel free to leave comments on the Wattpad, but know that it’s not as up to date.

This is my first Nanowrimo, so wish me lucl. The month has just started.

The wattpad one I update less frequently, but it goes chapter by chapter.

The google docs one is where I do my writing, but it’ll just cut off wherever I stop.