I recently went to see Gravity, a movie with a minimal cast that worked really well. I enjoyed the movie a lot. This post will be some of my thoughts on the movie. Thinking about what to write, trying to avoid specific scenes and spoilers is hard, but I’ll try.

This movie feels pretty different from anything I’ve seen before. There’s only two major characters, and minor characters are really minor. They don’t get in the way much of the main characters. The movie is mostly about surviving in space when something goes horribly wrong and your normal plans are all shot up. It feels refreshing and fun. I especially love the first person segments. Those are some of the most enjoyable, I feel.

Having such a small cast really works in favor for this movie. No other people are needed and there are no unnecessary side distractions. It gives great focus to the movie and prevents it from running too long. At times, I think movies are way too long now. Sure, you get more for your money, but Gravity gives a focused experience without many lulls. Even in the calm parts, you can feel the tension throughout.

The effects through the movie are great and fun to watch. The scenes of the Earth from space are great, but I found the most breathtaking shots to be the ones that show just how vast space really is. Objects floating away slowly  There is a real feeling of isolation and weightlessness. The fear of just floating off without an anchor is presented very well, thanks in a large part to the acting of Sandra Bullock.

She portrays the fear of being lost in space extremely well, from trying to stay calm to completely losing it. Her interaction with fellow star George Clooney is fun to watch as well. They work great together and are fun to watch. I have never once wanted more than those two characters during the movie. Of course, there are a few minor characters, such as mission control back on Earth, but Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are the only two major characters needed.

George Clooney is his usual charming seld and brings a air of light-heartness to the grim situation. Not sure how much more I can say without spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that.

I almost forgot, the sound direction in the movie is great. A lot of the time, it follows what the characters would logically hear. Because they’re in space, a lot of potentially loud things are completely silent. The lack of sound in many scenes really help set the tone and mood.

I really enjoyed Gravity, and I would recommend that everyone (over the age rating) go see it. It is a fun movie that is packed with strong emotion and great zero-g action.


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