Design Notes – Sorcnon Characters

Hmm, I suppose I’ll now talk a bit about some other characters.

Let’s start with Dess Mióne. Now that I look back on how the world has developed, her sense of dress really doesn’t fit in with anything. Her original design sort of invokes a dominatrix, but I was actually going for some kind of spy thriller. Of course the platform shoes make no sense at all anywhere. Oh, and she has pink hair because she is a Lumian. *cough*totally did not make up the Lumians just to give people weird hair colors*cough*.

Also, her name was originally Des Mione. I changed it for 2 reasons. First, I always intended it to be pronounced Dess Mióne, and someone said they read it as Dameon. Second, I most likely subconsciously got it from Des Moine, Iowa.

Gates was designed to be a happy fellow. I don’t really have too much notes on him. I never pointed it out explicitly, but he used to be a slave. He has the telltale marks of the Scar Hound shackles somewhere on his body (I forgot where), but the marks are crossed out, meaning he’s free. I suppose for those that noticed it, he represents the fact that slavery is so accepted in Sorcnon, no one will really try anything to change it, even former slaves.

Master Lio is the head master at the Epis Tam Dojo. Also, the Epis Tam Dojo was named after Episteme, the Greek concept of fact (as opposed to opinion). The Dojo was originally named the Angkrab Dojo, but I thought it sounded off later on.

Master Lio is pretty much an older martial arts master. I never set exactly how much he knows, but he is can take down feastends despite not being one. He tries to push for the best in his students but only because he’s paid. He’s not the kind of person to stay afterwards and give extra help for nothing.

Bahri is just another instructor, something I used to fill out the school so it didn’t seem like there were only 2 people teaching, with one of them only handling one student. He is a Misker, just like Master Lio. He has the most training in guns out of anyone in the Epis Tam Dojo.

Radils Siltern was made purely because I thought I needed some more male characters. All of the major characters were female, which I thought would be too unbalanced. He’s also a good way to show the point of view of other wealthy people in Anmaul. I don’t really have much of a plan for him, however.

Gilliam was designed to be a cool pretty-boy type. He doesn’t speak, and I don’t know if its because he doesn’t want to, or because he smokes too much and his voice is wrecked. Probably the first as I’ve only shown him smoking in one scene. He’s actually a bodyguard, similar to Selaf, and is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship.

The Anthelia Maiden came about due to my want to have a pale-skinned, black-haired woman. She’s taciturn, but does have emotions. They are just rarely displayed. She’ll also become more important in the later books. For now, though, she’s just a figurehead. It is possible for there to be an Anthelia Lord. Nothing about the position says it has to be held by a female. Perhaps I made her dress a bit ridiculous, but the metal hooks are designed to be easy to tear off if she ever needed to move quickly.

The Council. I decided to make the Sorcnon government a council because they’re usually a group of old people, menacingly set in their ways. There are six of them in total, and five of the were introduced in the first book. I’m curious to see if the sixth one might be more important, or if I just wanted to add some life in having them not all be available at all times.

There’s not too much to say about them. If the story warrants it, I’ll give them individual plots. For the time being, though, they are only there to be an all-powerful group, something that every rich person aspires too.

I think I’ll do the other characters in the next post, the more important characters. Hallas, Mina/Fally, Hethyr and the rest.

Thanks for reading.


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