The Universe

Whaaaat? The Universe?

I was just recently watching some videos about the Universe, how it works and all that fun stuff. I really enjoy all the theories put forth on why things work, especailly hearing the scientists say how easy things could just rip apart. The scale of it is really amazing. There are apparently, an uncountable amount of galaxies and each galaxy has billions of stars. Each star could have a system of planets rotating around it.

And space is really empty. Our galaxy is, apparently, going to collide with another galaxy in about a few trillion years. This is with things moving pretty near the speed of light. Light speed is too slow. What we need is ludicrous speed. Also, don’t take my numbers at face value, I don’t really remember exactly what was said, just the basic idea.

But anyway, space is really empty. Two galaxies colliding against each other and almost nothing will hit each other. Planets won’t hit each other, stars won’t, moons won’t, stuff just won’t. The real danger is the gasses heating up. According to scientists, the two galaxies would eventually merge into one.

I think the study of the universe and how it works is very fascinating. I’m kind of a big picture guy, (an excuse I use to my failings is that it doesn’t matter in the grand-grand scheme of things). The computer simulated appearance of what the universe would look like if we could clearly see it was magnificent.

There was also another show that talked about the possibilty for alien life, and how based on probability, it’s out there. I can buy that. With that many solar systems, some places must have conditions to sustain life. It’s probably just too far apart to feasibly make any contact.

I would certainly like it if we spent more time developing a space program. Things seemed to have slowed down greatly after the moon landing.

Another place I would like explored are the deep-oceans really. It is like another world down there, almost alien-like. Things are so different at that depth that the animals living down are just as strange as any aliens we could conceive of.

Science fiction is fun and all, but the real universe is also grand and amazing, even if it works on a timescale in the billion of years just to do something.

Well, I’m just rambling for a bit here after watching some theoretical shows on the universe. Thanks for reading.


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