Design notes on the world

I don’t tend to think thing all the way through when writing, preferring to make it up as I come to it or have an initial idea first and then work on it over time. The first place I had named was Anmaul, and it was originally going to be the name of the city and the country. Obviously, I decided to change it later to Sorcnon.

Sorcnon was designed to feel imposing. Anmual itself has a large drop right on the edge. It’s darker than the other nations from all the high towers. The high walls around all cities are for protection against dizaks, but they also gave me a reason for all the people to be packed close together. The larger the city, the larger the wall. The people found it easier to build up instead of out. I intened for there to be a Gothic and trapped feeling to the place. I made it rain constantly partially to give it a gloomy feel and partially because it’s my favorite weather pattern.

I’ve used the An sound a good amount for Sorcnon, from Anmaul to Angkrabs to the Anthelia Maiden. The reason comes from the japanese word ansatsu, which means assassination or something similar. I felt it is sinister phoneme with some proper applications.

Many different races live inside Sorcnon. Race doesn’t mean anything, only status and money does. Even former slaves can become rich and powerful. Due to growing up around slavery, no one in Sorcnon really believes its wrong or has many objections to it.

Moving on to other places in Aarhsolm, I never mentioned it in the first book, but the capital of Thalliance is Karnis and the capital of Betaia is Magloda. Expect to visit at least one of them in a future book. Thalliance is styled to be more lacking in technology, but higher in magic. Imagine lots of small villages where magicians take care of problems. Betaia pushes soley for technology.

I think I always had the idea that Aarhsolm would be an island. As for how big it is exactly, I’m not going to give a direct measurement. Travel times are always such a hard consideration in writing, which I think is the main reason why I made the time setting where they had trains and ease of transportation.

In the books for Lord of the Rings, they probably spent more time walking around than handling actual plot.

Anyway, moving on from that. Funnily enough, the name of Aarhsolm was one of the last I named. Originally, the continent was just nameless. I figured leaving the actual landmass without a name made it difficult to refer to the collection of three countries. Aarhsolm also includes the surrounding ring of islands.

There is a world beyond Aarhsolm, but they are not the focus of the story. Take what you now, though, that Aarhsolm is the only place with sun. That means the rest of the world is constantly dark. Do people live out there? Or other creatures? Who knows? Well, I do, but that’s not the focus for now.

That’s all I have about Aarhsolm for now. See you next time.


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