Design notes on Miletta and Sorcnon

Hmm, I have a feeling this is going to be a shorter post. Miletta pretty much remained as I envisioned her from the beginning, someone who is willing to do anything to get more power. Unlike Selaf or Sophy, she hasn’t gone through many changes in personality or motives.

Her past and motives will definitely be explored in a future book, though not book two. For now, she is probably the driving force of things getting done. The story really seems to be about the conflicts she ignites against others inside and outside of Sorcnon. Selaf and Sophy are just the tools.

I made her treat her slaves pretty well, since she is one of the main characters you’re that your not supposed to dislike. Like the old saying goes, catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Overall, the house slaves in Sorcnon are treated well. They’re the ones that are getting important things done and sleep in the same house as their masters’, after all. I think the system came a bit from old Greek style slavery, where there were multiple levels of slavery who had different rights and treatments. A person with skills tended to be treated better.

If my idea of ancient Greek slavery happens to be wrong, well, good thing I’m not writing a story based in ancient Greek.


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