Thinking about Nanowrimo

November is still a few months away, but I’m thinking about it. Not too much, though. I know they suggest to plan things out to have an easier time, but it does seem like a fun time to just try to write and see what comes out. But I inevitably will plan it just because I think about the stories during the day. Then I write them down because I don’t want to forget.

I’ve had a few, so it’s tough to pick which one to write. Two of them are fantasy stories that take place in a medieval timeframe. One is kind of a superhero story, except with a magical sword that grants powers instead. The archenemy is a witch. The other story is somewhat like a traditional fairy tale with an evil king that kidnaps a princess. Both of them have twists, of course. They aren’t things I want to go into right now, that would spoil the fun of actually reading them if I ever wrote them.

My third idea was doing some kind of slice-of-life story meant for girls. I like slice-of-life stories a lot, especially ones based around comedy. I also tend to enjoy writing female characters more than male. So combine the two and get a female cast where the characters hang out and have fun. It’ll have a rainbow theme to it, so at least seven main characters, plus side characters. I hope that’s not too much.

The most recent idea I had is kind of like a mundane magical setting that takes place on an island. It also happens a bit into the future. The island is full of leftover machinery and facilities. I think stories that are supposed to take place in the real world, yet feel really fantastic without the use of anything overtly fantasy is pretty cool. A good example is the adventure game Syberia. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of everything.

So far, I’m leaning towards my most recent idea, until it gets supplanted by another one. Who knows what will happen by the time November rolls around? Oh well.


Design notes on Sophy

Once again, on all these, there will be spoilers. I highly recommend you finish the story before reading these musings. Also, these are just my own feelings, nothing (not even I) says that you have to agree with them.

Sophy is named after the word philosophy, and thus, her name is pronounced the same as the second part of the word. Her name was originally going to be Murmur, to complinent Selaf’s original name, Furfur. Once Selaf wasn’t going to use that name, I decided to change Sophy’s name as well. She also does keep some traits of her namesake, though not as much.

Her characterization actually changed from my original intent. At first, I wanted Sophy to be sort of fake happy yet cynical deep down. Her smile was just a false front. I felt that would be too similar to Selaf and wouldn’t be an effective foil. Now, she really desires to be a good person in a part of society where that isn’t rewarded or even looked well on.

Her appearance was supposed to be evocative of a snake, or someone mischievious. I made it back when she was supposed to be cynical, and since I like it, I kept that appearance. It’s not more of a cat-like smirk.

Her feastend powers were more based on her name, Murmur. She can murmur in a way that’s not perceivable, yet is understandable. She’s not particularly averse to using her powers, but wouldn’t do so whenever its convenient.

Sophy’s a pretty important influence on Selaf, and is the primary driving force behind Selaf opening up. In book 2, I plan to explore more of Sophy’s past.

Random notes about the main character

There will be m(ild)/(ajor) spoilers here, so I do suggest you finish reading the book first ^_^

The main character’s name, if you’ve gotten far enough, is Selaf. It’s not her real name but one that was given to her. Selaf is an anagram of False, which refers to the way she constantly lies. Throughout the book, I never make the distinction that she’s lying, though I hope the context made it clear.

Originally, her given name was going to be Furfur. If you know anything about it, you can probably see some parts of her that reflect that. It also drove Runi’s appearance and magic. I changed her name to Selaf because it would be weird if only a few characters were named such, and I didn’t want to make every character be named after that group.

Selaf can be such a tough character to write at times because I know she wouldn’t get involved with a lot of things that are going on in the world. Though I do enjoy main characters that aren’t heroic in the least. In my mind, and I’m going to use TV Tropes here, she’s designed as The Dragon. That’s why, for the most part, she doesn’t drive the plot but kick ass and take names instead. I do plan to change that later on as develops out of her shell, though.

I haven’t decided if she would become more heroic, or stay rather selfish and an anti-hero.

She’s not based on anyone I know. In fact, I don’t think I consciously put in people I know into my stories. They might slip in unconsciously, though. I don’t think I plan out characters well in advance. I usually have some basic personality traits, and then I build back story and other developments later. Sometimes, that neccesitates going back and rewriting stuff to make it fit better with future revelations.

As for her real name, I do have one in mind. I’m not sure if I’ll ever reveal it, however. It’s not really important to her character at all, and I think it makes her care less about being free and more about gaining power.

When I first designed her appearance, I’m not sure why (other than that I like exotic eye colors) I gave her pink irises. I do have a reason for it now. It’ll be revealed in Book 2!



Hello, welcome to my blog. Still working on the look of things.

Now, what will be posted here? I can’t really say. Part of it will probably be my thought process behind the characters and plot of my book. I’ll probably post about anything else that interested me as well.

This is probably going to be a chill place, just some posts here and there. I’ll see how it goes.